• Acceptance is FREEDOM

    I'd bet money that more than half of the people reading this know The Prayer of Serenity... or at least the fundamental concept of it. It's hung on every grandmother's wall since I can remember. And if you're lucky you've even been privy to her recital. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference." And for as many people that can recite this prayer, I wonder how many people actually actively fulfill this prayer. Because as much as the prayers asks for, it requires something from you as well... ACCEPTANCE!

    I have been saying The Prayer of Serenity more frequently these days as I find myself in "situations" that require "knowing the difference." (OR, as I often say on social media knowing... #TwoDifferentDifferences) And the more I've been saying and even sharing a few of these "situations" with friends and family, it seems as though many have not grasped the concept of this prayer. I say that because when I speak to others about these "situations," their first thought or reaction to my "non-reaction" is that I don't care. And I will admit that it's easy to assume so based on my demeanor and/or conversation. There are in fact SOME things that I give absolutely ZERO fucks about... and then there are other things that I have simply ACCEPTED. (See how that's #TwoDifferentDifferences?)

    I don't know where I first saw it written or heard it said but the saying went something like "Suffering is the non-acceptance of the truth." When I first read it, it resonated deeply. I thought "someone or something can hurt you, but you determine how long you suffer." I was mad as hell in the moment. "You mean to tell me that all the days I spent suffering could have been avoided if I had just accepted the facts as truth in the circumstances?" I answered myself, "YES!"

    My life was forever changed. I thought about all those sleepless nights I cried over failed relationships. Had I accepted it was over quicker, I could have avoided wasting time crying about what wasn't, and could've gotten back to living the life that WAS! Even worse, I thought about all the time I spent wishing for the next moments to be what I wanted them to be. That is a constant state of suffering because you can NEVER control someone else's actions.

    Yet it is my relationship with my children that I gained the best understanding of taking yourself out of suffering and into the realm of acceptance. No matter what you see for your children, the decisions they make for their lives are theirs to do so as they wish. And even though there is heartache in seeing what you know is best for your child or knowing an unnecessary end result is inevitable... if you're looking to live through the difficult moments as your children navigate their own lives, ACCEPTANCE is your safe harbor! In this instance, one would not employ "IDGAF..." however acceptance is both required and necessary for SELF-PRESERVATION!

    In Human Psychology acceptance is a person's assent to the reality of the situation, recognizing a process or condition without trying to change it or protest. Not deny any parts of it nor assigning a meaning to these truths. No good... or bad. No right or wrong. What is... IS! And while I have accepted quite a few things, it is also in the realm of my rights to not tolerate that which I do not like. Acceptance and tolerance are NOT synonymous. One can tolerate what they do not accept. And one can accept what they will not tolerate. So it is because I do not tolerate a few things, that this "you don't care," becomes a part of the conversation. HOWEVER... it's just ACCEPTANCE! I'm DONE getting worked up over "things I cannot change." Personal, business, friends or family. #SorrySORTA

    Acceptance is WORK. Remaining in a state of serenity while things constantly change and evolve requires self-reflection and self-mastery. Acceptance is not a constant; adjustments are OFTEN needed. Yet AS SOON AS I feel an emotion arise out of a situation I can't control, I remind myself... ACCEPTANCE... AND IT IS FREEDOM!




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