• "I don't like the name 'Urban Dialog.'"

    I had a real cool moment with a young brother recently and it just ran across my mind as I was writing "@urbandialog" on a meme I was putting together for one of my social media places. I was on a ski trip, doing two "URBAN DIALOG with Suzette" shows. This gentlemen had been to the show the night before and he was giving a review of sorts and he says... "I just don't like the na...." and PAUSE.... Stillness. I say (bc I knew what was coming)... "No, say it! You don't like the name 'Urban Dialog.' It's cool... say it!"

    See the thing is... critiques with good intentions are an opportunity for GROWTH!! And if you know me AT ALL, you know I'm ALWAYS looking for another perspective. I know that... IT'S HARD TO SEE THE PICTURE WHEN YOU'RE STANDING IN THE FRAME! And my peripheral is only 180... I like to know what I can't see! And honestly it's one of my most vulnerable moments; when I hear someone speaking of me, in it's regard or what I've created. Yet I'm an Emotionally Intelligent woman who knows someone else's perspective isn't personal TO ME. It's an opinion based on THEIR attitudes and life experiences. I'm ok with that!

    I don't remember exactly how the next few exchanges went but I ended up explaining how the name came about and why I'm good with it. "Urban" in the literal sense means "in, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town." I live in the 3rd largest metropolitan city in the country, it fits! But I knew this was not what he was talking about. Over the years, "Urban" has become synonymous with "Black." And it's been used in some most unflattering ways when describing us as a people... So I get it!! Yet here it is...

    While it is my hope that there becomes more diversity in my audience, it is my MISSION for those who attend and/or watch, know that THEY ARE WELCOME... to this space for BLACK PEOPLE to have THEIR (BLACK) VOICE HEARD!

    "URBAN DIALOG with Suzette," is an UNAPOLOGETIC space where we as a "urban/Black" people can, and DO speak freely about OUR thoughts, OUR experiences and OUR LIVES! Here... We are UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK!! So for everyone else, "buckle up!!" Please understand, EVERYONE is free and WELCOME to voice their opinions in my space but the predominate voice is OURS! #SorrySORTA (...which means not at all!)

    So, please understand that I'm perfectly ok with someone hearing "Urban" and thinking "Black," because I WANT THEM TO!

    By the time I was done expounding to this gentlemen, I was receiving a nod of approval. He explained that with my explanation, he could se the name's fit and had in fact changed his mind a bit. And while I wasn't trying to "win him over," nor get him to change his mind, I was hoping he could see my perspective. Because THAT is the other mission of #UDwSuz; to share and RESPECT perspectives no matter how different!

    URBAN DIALOG with/Suzette returns for it's 12th Season Wednesday, APRIL 20th...

    Join the DIALOG everyone is talking about!"




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