The phase "WE DON'T GO TOGETHER," has infiltrated a lot of my conversations lately. Largely becuase since I've reentered the dating scene, I've had to stress this to some that have the game "fucked up." You see, there seems to be a lot of men that want YOU to "go with" them, yet they don't want to "go with" you. As commonly seen on social media... GTFOHWTBS!!

    Funny (and not so funny), I ran across a meme with an interesting perspective: DATING IN 2016. Let's be friends. Just friends. I'm not ready for a relationship but I expect you to do things considered inappropriate in terms of a friendship. You can't claim me, yet you can't be with anyone else but me. I need you to be loyal but I'll do what I want. If you catch feelings, I'll become distant. You knew what this was... I told you, I'm not ready for a relationship. We're just friends.

    That's cool; I GOT IT! And since we're "friends," that means... "WE DON'T GO TOGETHER!" And as such, I have RIGHTS!


    7. We are both free to see other people. PERIOD!

    6. We will not introduce friends at this level.

    5. There will be NO questions regarding social media and the preference is that we not be "Friends," or "Follow" each other.

    4. Daily communication is SUBJECTIVE

    3. The ONLY appropriate question regarding "others" is, "Have you put my sexual health at risk?" BUT ONLY IF... we are engaging in sexual behavior. Otherwise... NO QUESTIONS about "others."

    2. We are NOT accountable to each other in times not spent together.

    1. Information NOT shared is NOT:

    a) A secret

    b) A lie

    c) A deception

    What it is, is... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Why???


    Now... if you want TWO OR MORE of these things to change, then let's have a discussion about moving this "interaction" forward and maybe GO TOGETHER! If not, FOLLOW THE RULES AND STFU!!




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